Debt Ceiling Impact on Social Security

debt ceiling social security

Social Security Social Security is a critical program in the United States that provides income support to retired and disabled individuals, as well as surviving family members of deceased workers. However, the debt ceiling has the potential to disrupt the smooth functioning of Social Security and jeopardize the benefits that millions of Americans rely on. … Read more

Amazon Delivery Experience May Change Forever

amazon delivery job implications

Over the years, Amazon delivery (Ticker: AMZN) services have revolutionized the retail industry with its Prime membership program, which initially offered unlimited free two-day shipping to customers across the United States. As competitors like Target and Walmart attempted to keep up with limited two-day offers, Amazon continued to expand its offerings, providing customers with a … Read more

Facebook Settlement: All you need to Know

facebook settlement

If you’re someone who’s been following the news lately, you’ve probably heard about the recent Facebook settlement. The social media giant has agreed to pay $725 million to a group of plaintiffs who had sued the company for allegedly violating their privacy rights. But what does this settlement mean for you, and when can you … Read more