Elon Musk’s Visit to China: What is in Store for Tesla Next

Elon musk's visit to China

Recent circumstances have led to Elon Musk’s visit to China since the Giga Shanghai launch ceremony in January 2020. It would be really interesting to see as the world’s two largest economies, the United States and China, continue to drift apart, how this impacts Tesla’s future strategy. The fear of adverse effects has prompted various … Read more

Palantir AIP Conference – Catalyst for Stock Surge

Palantir AIP Conference news

Palantir Technologies Inc. (Ticker: PLTR) has announced its upcoming AIPCon customer conference, set to take place on June 1, 2023. This highly anticipated Palantir AIP Conference will be a public live stream, allowing individuals from various industries to join in and gain valuable insights into the rapid adoption of Palantir AIP (Artificial Intelligence Platform). AIPCon … Read more

Generative AI Threat to Google and Amazon – Bill Gates

Generative AI

AI has been part of search engines for a while now, but generative AI introduces a different dimension to this field, potentially eliminating the need for conventional search engines altogether. The emergence of generative AI poses a significant challenge to industry giants like Amazon and Google, as highlighted by Bill Gates during his address at … Read more

Tesla has a new competition to watch out


The EV market has witnessed an unprecedented surge in recent years, and Tesla has emerged as the undisputed leader, securing the top spot. With over 1.3 million EVs sold last year, Tesla dominated the market, leaving competitors trailing in its wake. Even automotive giant Ford, with its commendable 61,575 EV sales, couldn’t come close to … Read more

Can Nvidia Earnings Pivot Crypto Direction


Nvidia, a renowned market leader in high-performing chips, has long been associated with the success of the gaming industry. However, the past couple of years witnessed a significant growth surge for Nvidia, thanks to its involvement in the booming crypto market. As crypto gradually entered a downtrend, Nvidia’s fortunes also took a hit. With the … Read more

ChatGPT Powered Mobile App Coming Soon

ChatGPT powered mobile app

In a groundbreaking development, a leading tech company backed by Microsoft is revolutionizing the world of mobile applications with its highly-anticipated ChatGPT-powered app. This innovative solution promises to redefine communication as we know it. Today, on May 18th, the iOS version of this cutting-edge mobile app is set to launch throughout the United States, marking … Read more

Debt Ceiling Impact on Social Security

debt ceiling social security

Social Security Social Security is a critical program in the United States that provides income support to retired and disabled individuals, as well as surviving family members of deceased workers. However, the debt ceiling has the potential to disrupt the smooth functioning of Social Security and jeopardize the benefits that millions of Americans rely on. … Read more

Amazon Delivery Experience May Change Forever

amazon delivery job implications

Over the years, Amazon delivery (Ticker: AMZN) services have revolutionized the retail industry with its Prime membership program, which initially offered unlimited free two-day shipping to customers across the United States. As competitors like Target and Walmart attempted to keep up with limited two-day offers, Amazon continued to expand its offerings, providing customers with a … Read more