Car An Asset or Liability?


Introduction For most households in the US today their car is probably their second most big purchase after their house. Before we get to a straight answer to these questions let’s first understand the different types of car-sharing models: Traditional Car Sharing Peer to Peer Car Sharing Traditional Car Sharing Traditional car sharing was pioneered … Read more

Bingo Cash Promo Code


Do you love playing games on phone? Want to make some extra cash while playing your favorite video game?  Bingo Cash App is made for you.  There are many places to get the bingo cash promo code to get started today. This secret Bingo app is paying users a total of $83 per win If … Read more

Recession proof way to earn $500 monthly in passive income


Introduction Do you want to make $500 a month in passive income by doing almost nothing in a completely passive income? You have come to the right place. I will show you a  proven method that has been rinsed and repeated by several investing giants including but not limited to Warren Buffet.  At first, this … Read more